I'm sick of having this wikia

During my life of 2016 to 2019, my wikia life has been officially over. And this wikia was mainly brought attention to an ex-community friend I had before until he went mad impersonating and content thieving and crap. I don't recall of how much I have done with this wikia, but its got to go. Starting on January 1, 2020, you won't be seeing me here anymore. This wikia has had enough and I don't want to talk about that guy we dealt for three total years now. If he already got what he truly deserved then its over, no more attention. Its time to know what a bigger person is meant to be and move on.

Second most of all, wikia has been more of a bore than ever. Its nothing but just pure uselessness to me and I wish to get out of it. I had bad memories of managing this wikia and those demonic chain of events until the time the kids we dealt had their ultimate punishment. Still its not okay for me to keep giving them attention and then keep getting harassed back, and I know some of you know how to block and ignore but a majority of you people "can do better than just giving attention". I hope what you guys really meant what I said.

I know you really liked me for taking some action against that guy, but its been a pleasure seeing you strange people out there. For now I will offer that you come join my Discord which you can on my official YouTube page. In the meantime, this is where I get off.

- Commodore James


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